Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017

Ninomiya 'Beast' Kazunari

found an old news about my niban:
im so late btw but who cares tho

source: ARAMA @ livejournal

hAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTF. THE TITLE KILLED ME. i don't know actually. am i supposed to be surprised? i always felt that he was secretly collecting bunch of AVs inside his room and always refuse to go out every time the boys ask him to loool

TROLOLOLOL NINO THE ANIMAL. tbh i always thought that he does! his looks might be not convincing but he has that sort of sexy vibe. oh did i mention that i like what i hear?

looooolll i couldn't stop laughing. i'm not being sarcastic but this is just too hilarious. i'm not even jealous a bit lol. btw i'm up for this kind of booty call tho neen ;)

tbh this doesn't bothers me a bit since I'm up for any news about the boys' scandals and sex lives. inilah yang emang saya kagumin dari artis-artis jepun dan para fansnya, mereka loyal dan malah support sama love life idolanya (i'm not offensing anyone tho-). 
i do even root for sho-chan's new gf :3 

ilu even more bby :3 stay naughty ;3

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