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Tumblr Zodiac Quiz

Twenty Five: Zodiac. Listed below are (depressingly accurate) traits from each sign of the zodiac. mark off the ones that apply to you, and see which one you are most like. Use X if you completely agree and / if you somewhat agree. 

 ♈ ARIES. (MARCH 21 - APRIL 19) 
[x] you have a tendency to not finish things you start. 
[x] you are very conscious of what people think of you, and you let it impact you deeply. 
[x] you’re impulsive and spontaneous. 
[ ] you are very headstrong and hard to sway. 
[ ] you are more likely to take your own approach to something rather than go by conventional methods.
[ ] you’re not afraid to say what you think, but sometimes you forget how what you think might make other people feel. 
[x] you are young at heart. 
[ ] you love to experience new things, even though you bore of them quickly. 
[ ] you can be very jealous. 
[ ] you know how to make the best out of any situation. 


 ♉ TAURUS. (APRIL 20 - MAY 20) 
[ ] you are very possession-oriented, and have a hard time sharing your belongings. 
[ ] you are extremely affectionate. 
[ ] you have great tolerance, and it takes you a lot to reach a breaking point. 
[ ] but when you do, it’s disastrous. 
[x] you like to take things slow and know what you’re getting into. [x] you have never been one for change. 
[x] you can’t stand to be challenged. 
[ ] you have a firmly set comfort zone, and it irritates you when people tamper with it. 
[x] you are especially reliable, and you are always there for people who need you. 
[ ] you always keep your promises without fail. 


 ♊ GEMINI. (MAY 21 - JUNE 20) 
[ ] your dominant trait is absolutely your love of communication.
[ ] you are naturally a very curious person, but since you flutter from one thing to another so often, you aren’t one to appreciate the deeper aspects of an experience. 
[x] you are all about logic. things need to make sense to you. 
[ ] you are very restless and active, in both body and mind. 
[ ] you tend to be two faced. 
[ ] you are a very critical person. 
[ ] you are a cynic. 
[ ] you thrive on change and hate being in the same environment for an extended period of time. 
[x] once someone betrays you, you have difficulty trusting them again. 
[ ] you are very unpredictable.


 ♋ CANCER. (JUNE 21 - JULY 22) 
[x] who you are as a person is deeply affected by your childhood. 
[x] you are very in touch with emotions, to the point where you can almost instantly tell how someone else is genuinely feeling. 
[x] you need a place you can call your own, which is why you value ‘home’ 
[x] you love kids. 
[x] you are very affected by other people’s problems, and have a knack for putting yourself in the shoes of other people. 
[x] you dislike confrontation. 
[ ] you have always valued your heart over your mind. 
[x] you hate being told what to do. 
[x] your moods are very fluid, as you are very sensitive. 
[x] if you like someone, you accept them into your heart just the way they are.


 ♌ LEO. (JULY 23 - AUGUST 22) 
[x] you would move heaven and earth for the people you care about. 
[ ] you would never consider yourself petty. 
[x] you are naturally a very generous person. 
[x] for you, there is nothing worse than losing. 
[ ] in arguments, you come across as stubborn and hot headed, but you just want to justify your actions and explain why you believe you’re right. 
[x] you set very high, occasionally unreasonable expectations. 
[ ] your ego is the size of a small planet. 
[x] unlike Gemini, you dislike change, and would much rather have stability in your life. 
[ ] one of your talents is making people feel special. 
[ ] you love being in the limelight, and it roots from a need to be appreciated. 


[x] you like to dream and fantasize, but in the grand scheme of things, you are realistic and won’t waste time on the impossible. 
[x] you know exactly what you want, you just don’t know how to get it. 
[ ] education is very important to you. 
[x] all you really want is to feel useful. 
[ ] you never lose your cool. 
[x] you second guess yourself a lot, and majority of the time, you don’t think you’re good enough.
[x] you don’t mind going the extra mile, even for people you don’t really know. 
[ ] you are not overly emotional, and you sometimes perceive them as messy, embarrassing or even a weakness. 
[x] you are deep and reflective. 
[X] you would rather be lonely than settle for less. 


[x] you are very laid back and you don’t mind a lot of things. 
[ ] you are fascinated with people, and you love to understand others. 
[x] you dread hurting other people’s feelings. 
[ ] you are very charming. 
[ ] you would rather look at life through rose-tinted glasses than acknowledge the negatives. 
[ ] you are very focused on balance. if someone pushes you, you will push them right back. 
[X] you are indecisive. 
[x] you wish more people would give peace a chance. 
[x] you become annoyed when you spot unoriginality in others. 
[x] you will never forget to let the people you love know how much you care about them.


[ ] if someone tries too hard to control you, nothing will hold you back from rebelling. 
[ ] you are vindictive. 
[X] you prefer to keep your feelings to yourself. 
[x] you can see right through people when they lie to you. 
[x] you can always be trusted with secrets. always. 
[x] you are horrified of being made vulnerable. 
[ ] you have complete control over your emotions. people only see what you let them see, and you prefer it this way. 
[ ] you do not desire approval from anyone; you’re content to do your own thing. 
[ ] you can be pretty blunt. 
[ ] people often say you’re a mystery. 


[ ] you’re a risk-taker. you’ve never been afraid to act on a hunch. 
[x] you love to learn and gain knowledge. wisdom in general is something you find very, very respectable. 
[ ] freedom means the world to you. 
[x] you’re not a dishonest person, and very rarely will you take advantage of someone to get what you want. 
[ ] a lot of people think you have a great sense of humor.
[x] you are very carefree by nature, but occasionally you tend to be careless. 
[x] you don’t freely hand out compliments, but when you do give them, you mean them. 
[ ] you love a challenge. if something comes too easily, your interest in it will disappear. 
[ ] you are very enthusiastic about life. 
[ ] you are generally upbeat and happy-go-lucky.


[x] you are very reliable, but you have a hard time relying on other people. 
[x] you don’t know how to ask for help. 
[ ] you finish everything you start.
[x] you hate making mistakes, no matter how small. 
[X] you don’t like talking about your deeper emotions, and you get really irritated when people try to make you. 
[x] you are far more complicated than people believe you to be. 
[x] you may come across as harmless, but you are tough as a keg of nails. 
[x] you like to be in charge of everything in your life. 
[x] you always stand your ground. 
[ ] a trait you hate to see in someone is vulnerability, and you might find yourself taking advantage of someone who tends to play the ‘victim’ role. 


[x] emotions can be scary for you. 
[x] you are a walking contradiction. you want freedom, yet you want protection. you want to be alone, yet you want the laughter and adventures that only other people can bring you. 
[x] you are not the jealous type.
[  ] you are an inventor. you live in today’s world, but think in tomorrow’s world. 
[ ] you rebel for the sake of rebelling. you love to shock. 
[x] you won’t change for anyone. someone must either take you as you are, or stay out of your path. [x] you like to listen to other people’s opinions and views, even if you disagree. you aren’t at all unreasonable. 
[x] no matter how close you get to someone, there will always be a part of you reserved for yourself. [ ] much like leo, you expect less than practical things of people. 
[x] you’re more interested in being a friend than making more friends. 


[ ] you are very artistic, to the point where you can’t keep it in. art is your life. 
[ ] you have no emotional boundaries. you feel practically everything. 
[x] you are very, very open minded. you would never put anyone down because of their beliefs. 
[ ] you have your head in the clouds maybe too often. 
[x] you want a fairytale romance.
[x] sometimes you tend to see things less as what actually happened, and more as what you wished happened instead. 
[ ] if you’re excited about something, you become a dog with a bone. you could talk about it all day.
[ ] you are capable of surprisingly biting sarcasm. 
[x] you have a hard time accepting criticism. 
[x] you hold onto people who are bad for you.



My Result: Cancer
My Actual Sign: Virgo

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