About Me

My screen name is either emiko or R621. I'm an econ student at Korea Uni, a part-timer amateur blogger, graphic designer, and a full-timer fangirl. I speak mostly Indonesian and a little bit Engrish, so please forgive my english ability. I speak Korean and currently learning Spanish and self-taught Japanese. And I do have interest in hairdressing *lol*. I cut my own hair. I even do cut my friends' hair when they ask me to.

Basically weak to dorky asian boys. Apparently spazzing over Arashi, Naruto, Bleach and Super Junior. Rarely text back and don't bother to check SNS notifications. But I do want to make friends with everyone :3

Contact Me:

Email: amandaregina04@gmail.com 
Twitter: @tsuriikou
Tumblr: http://bunnyhee.tumblr.com/
Deviantart: http://allrisehyuk.deviantart.com/
Line: amandaregina04
Instagram: @amandaR621
Pinterest: amandaregina04

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